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Regardless of what has been experienced, the curriculum should be short. Wislawa Szymborska, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1996 in: Writing a curriculum

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Jeff Bezos, founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Amazon.com

Module 6 – Section 3

In this section you will find:


  • open source tools
  • CV video
  • web reputation

Tools to promote yourself

Here you will find suggestions and indications to build your public image and to present yourself to your potential customers.

The net is an extraordinary source of useful advice, more or less standard models to refer to in order to create an effective and captivating CV: it offers a growing and increasingly innovative number of applications and services that help building and spreading our brand in a targeted way online. In addition to the content, it is increasingly important to know how to take care of the form of the CV.

We have selected some tools for you:

Visualize.me: a free online service that allows you to instantly convert your CV into infographics: the information is transformed into graphics, offering a concise and effective overview of your studies, your skills and your interests. The system is also connected to LinkedIn so if you have a profile on this social network, the implementation will be faster.

About.me: a web application that allows you to create a customizable web page with all the contact information, a short biography, your interests and links to social media on which you are present.

To get support in CV processing you can refer to the CPI – Employment Centre closest to you.

The video curriculum

The video CV is an alternative to the traditional paper CV, or it can be integrated into it. The CV video is a great tool not only for applying for a job, but also for marketing and promoting oneself. Through verbal and non-verbal communication it is possible to express and show details the writing would hardly be able to transmit so effectively. On the page “Success stories” we have selected a very good example for you. Go to the video. Through the video CV motivation, communication skills, linguistics and techniques and creativity are synthesized in less than two minutes, this is the ideal presentation time. Are you ready to take the challenge? You can do it alone or get help from those who have more experience than you. We point out the services that the Municipalities make available.

An interesting experience for us was NETtoWORK: an innovative start-up, brought to life in Turin in 2016 by a group of young managers, who are experts in Human Resources. NETtoWORK is a web platform through which young people can promote themselves through a 90 second video CV. The video CV, once published, allows you to know in real time who is viewing it and how often. Companies can save as “favourites” the video CV that they consider most interesting. When a person is selected he/she can get in touch with the company via chat. Notifications come through social networks and connecting becomes easy and fast. Connect to the platform at www.nettowork.it
Internet Reputation

Starting the promotion of oneself and of one’s own activity there must be, as a starting point, the awareness that everything that we communicate through the internet and social media is public and visible to many, therefore our web reputation is fundamental. Needless to promote yourself through a captivating video CV, or a professional website, on our Facebook page we publish images and posts that tell more about us. To date, the social media pages are the first sources of information that users and companies view. So the first question to ask is “what do I want to communicate about myself outside?” And then act accordingly, on all fronts.

Internet reputation from the point of view of companies.
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