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Hello and welcome!

Are you interested to get to know the ins and outs of a online business for the micro-enterprise? If your answer is YES, then search no further, because this webpage has everything you need! We are proud to present you our online training course that consists of 6 modules specifically tailored to provide you with the necessary information to become the guru of e-commerce for micro enterprises – a ME-commercer!


The modules and topics of the course cover a wide range of problem areas a ME-commercer might need in his job – either as an enterpreneur managing his own micro-enterprise, or as a consultant helping the micro-entrepreneur to manage his business. The course is designed with the aim to be useful even for the beginners in this field. The modular system enables the student to  learn the necessary knowledge step by step, topic after topic, module after module in a logical flow of information complementing and further developing one another.


Our team would like to wish you all the best during the study.

Who knows, maybe soon enough you will be the one to revamp the economy of your local area?