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ME-commercer – Module 1

Module 1 outlines and deepens the context of the course: as in a map, the first module shows you where you are. The reference context is that of micro-enterprises in Europe: you will find out in this first module of the course how many micro-enterprises are, what is their role within the European and Italian economic system, what are the policies in favor of the their development. You will discover why this sector deserves to be taken into consideration and why e-commerce for micro businesses is an opportunity: for people, for companies and for our entire production system.

Entrepreneurship is not the last option for unsuccessful, it is a first choice of the most competent ones.
Source: Association of small and medium-sized enterprizes.

Section 1

Framework of micro businesses in Europe

  • Micro-enterprises are often overlooked, although they represent a backbone of the EU economical structure. In this section you will learn about the actions of European Union to help the micro-enterprise development, what is SBA, what it means to think small first and how the policy-makters stimulate and support the spirit of entrepreneurship stimulate in Europe.

Section 2

Micro-points of reference

  • In this section we present the public subjects of reference in Europe and an overview of the most significant data of a survey conducted inĀ  Europe on the needs of micro-enterprises. On the one hand, the data collected highlighted the interest of micro-enterprises in digital communication and sales tools and, on the other hand, the substantial lack of the necessary resources – both in terms of skills and in terms of time – to implement innovative policies to address with success the challenges of a market that, starting from the local context, can turn to the global one.

Case stories

  • A selection of stories that we have chosen because of the “enlightening” they provide: each in its own way; stories of historical and new companies; stories of commitment, quality, creativity, innovation and tradition.

Test section

  • Access the test section to see what you have learned. The test section includes, for this first module, a series of closed-ended questions related to the contents of sections 1, 2 and 3.
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