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ME-commercer: e-commerce for micro-enterprises

Are you looking for new job prospects in the e-commerce sector?

If so, follow the path we offer you: a training course that will allow you to understand the mechanisms and opportunities that online commerce offers to micro companies and will let you to start a consulting activity in this area.

The course is structured in six modules that clearly outline the frame of reference and the tools necessary to create, manage and promote an e-commerce activity for micro companies: whether they are craft enterprises, agricultural, commercial or belonging to service sectors and industry.

The micro companies in Europe represent 92.8% of the total companies: often they do not have the necessary internal resources to face the challenge of a global digital market, but they have great resources in terms of product quality or service offered, in terms of tradition and competence. These companies represent a fundamental resource for our economy and can find great potential for development in e-commerce: they need people able to deal with the topic of e-commerce in a multi-sector perspective tailored to their needs.

This course offers you the opportunity to work in a field of activity that has not yet been deeply explored: you will need a sense of initiative and a desire to learn, but the path is possible and offers great opportunities.

On this page you will find a summary description of the content of the individual modules: the first five guide you to discover the contents, the sixth offers you an overview of the skills and tools you need to start your own business as a consultant. Each module includes stories of some companies and people that we have selected for you: stories that we can defined “enlightening” because they help us to find inspiration. At the end of each module you will find a test section or exercises to check the information acquired.

MODULE 1 outlines and deepens the context of reference of the course: the world of micro-enterprises in Europe. In the first module you will find out: what it means to be a micro enterprise; how many they are; what is the role of micro-enterprises within the European and national economic system; what are the policies in favor of their development. You will discover why this sector deserves to be taken into consideration and why e-commerce for micro businesses is an opportunity: for people, for companies and for our entire production system.

You will also find out the European Community’s actions in favour of the development of micro-businesses; what their needs are, what are their perspectives.

We created the image that introduce Module 1 using the “Post” model of the Adobe SPARK. program. The program is contained in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, but is also available, in its basic functions, on the internet. The program is very simple and allows the creation of posts, pages and presentations that can be shared on sites, Facebook pages, Instagram etc.

In MODULE 4 you will find the framework of the tools to start an e-commerce activity: marketplace, platforms for online sales, dropshipping. You will also find an introduction to the B2C and B2B markets.

We created the image of MODULE 4 introduction using one of the PIKTOCHART templates dedicated to creating presentations. In its basic version the program allows saving the presentations only in the png format. In this case we saved the first page of the presentation and used it as a free card.

MODULE 2 outlines the global e-commerce framework; the framework at European level and gives some hits on the framework in Lithuania, Italy, Czech Republic and Italy. Through a series of data and infographics we will guide you to the discovery of this sector. In this Module you will find out how and when the World Wide Web was born and how it is used today. Understanding the mechanisms that are behind the phenomenon will allow you to continue the path of study with greater awareness.

Also for this image we used the SPARK program – “Post” format. We have changed the image, layout and font; we kept the yellow because it is the main color of the site and as SPARK says: Abracadabra!

In MODULE 5 you will find an overview of the communication tools that can be used to promote an e-commerce activity with a focus on social media and e-mail marketing. You will also discover some analysis tools to measure the results of communication and promotion activities.

For this image we used the PIKTOCHART program using one of the templates proposed in the “infographic” section.

In MODULE 3 you will find information and practical guidance on everything you need to know and prepare before starting your business as a ME-commercer: an introduction to business models, an overview of the regulatory framework and payment systems, directions to help you understand the security systems necessary for data management, indications to choose the systems related to logistics and marketing plans.

We have created the image of MODULE 3 introduction using a model preformed by PIKTOCHART. Starting from the basic model (Printable) we have included some pictograms (available within the program itself) and used standard text forms. Once the creation phase was over, we saved the file in .png format and uploaded it to our web page. The program also allows you to publish the file directly on the web (using the “share” button).

MODULE 6 is entirely dedicated to you. In Module 6 you will find tools and practical indications to start a consulting activity in this sector, such as the skills and tools you need, such as strategies to promote yourself and your business. You can explore the Module whenever you want. We advise you to do it at the beginning of the path to get an overview and to do the exercises in “progress”.

For this last MODULE picture was made with Canva program. 


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