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Success stories

A selection of stories among the many available: the stories that have enlightened us!

A successful video: Damiano Tescaro, a young man from Vicenza with a passion for cinema, recently graduated in New Media & Communication, dreams of contributing to the realization of the Italian version of the World of Warcraft videogame. In 2012 he runs directly to Blizzard, a world-wide video game giant with an effective video curriculum in English: he is hired
We tell you his story not only because he is an entrepreneur who has been able to renew, through a careful segmentation of the market, his business, moving from the offline sale of spare parts for commercial vehicles of all brands to the online sale of spare parts for a single vehicle – the Piaggio Porter – but also because through the growth path he made in the field of e-commerce, he is making an experience, a new job: today he supports entrepreneurs and artisans of small and medium enterprises, to realize new strategies sales, online and offline.
Stavo risolvendo un problema: è da qui che nasce un business. Christian Sorbello
I was solving a problem: it is from here that a business is born. Christian Sorbello
Christian Sorbello is a very young entrepreneur, reviewed by Shopify in his success stories (//it.shopify.com/blog/storie-di-successo-italiane-mondoporter).

In the image, Christian is photographing a particular car using a mini photo studio: a lighted box that allows to improve the photographs of small and medium-sized objects. The tool is very simple and low cost and is, potentially, another interesting work tool. On the net you can find some videos that describe the operation. Key words: home photo studio.
A European programme: ERASMUS for young entrepreneurs.
Erasmus for young entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange programme that offers new entrepreneurs - or aspiring entrepreneurs - the opportunity to learn the secrets of the trade from established professionals who manage small or medium-sized businesses in another country participating in the program.
Visit //www.erasmus-entrepreneurs.eu/ to find out more.
A successful young business told by a young entrepreneur.
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