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ME-commercer – Module 6

MODULE 6 is dedicated to those who want to start a consulting activity in this sector. In Module 6 you will learn how to work from home, we will provide you with tools and practical information enabling you to start a consulting activity in this sector. For example skills and tools you need, or strategies to promote yourself and your business. You can explore the form whenever you want. We advise you to do it at the beginning of the path to get an overview and to do the exercises while exploring it.

The labour market has never been static. Economic changes and technological progress have always required the ability to adapt to the needs of a constantly evolving market. Today's challenge is therefore not represented by change, but by its speed. The World Economic Forum speculates that two-thirds of the children who are entering the elementary school today will hold professions in the future that do not yet exist. If lacking adequate skills, individuals and companies run the risk of falling behind.

Section 1

Necessary skills

  • In this section you will find the list of skills needed to successfully tackle the world of work. Have a look and find out what skills you need to improve and what skills you can bet on.

Section 2

Your virtual office

  • In this section we provide information on what is necessary to equip your virtual office. What are the tools (hardware and software) you need to get started? Open the link to find out

Section 3

Tools for promoting yourself

  • Build your image and take care of it. The tools and the skills necessary to do so.

Success stories

Even for this module we have selected some success stories. In this section you will not find stories of companies, but of young people who talk about their experience and their projects.

Test section

In the test section of this module we offer you a selection of exercises – to do whenever you want, how you want and with whomever you want – to measure yourself in transversal skills, to try to tell yourself, to experiment with activities you will need to get started.

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