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Case stories

The stories we offer in this section are a collection of “best practices” in marketing and communication. People who put their faces, and the smile, skills and desire to do.

In this story we present you a very “interesting” person: Alessandra Farabegoli. In the image you can find an excerpt of the first e-mail we received after giving consent to receive regular newsletters from her and this is the opening with which she welcomes us on her website: “I work to make myself superfluous. I help my clients use the Internet – especially email marketing – to provide better services, earn more and work better. I have been doing this for almost 20 years through consultancy and training, writing books and articles and speaking in public. I know MailChimp and I can help you take full advantage of it. I am convinced that the real revolution is to work well and not be afraid to change.
This is the second e-mail that Alessandra sent us. Through this e-mail Alessandra establishes a strong contact with the recipient of the message, having dialogue as in a real conversation (known as always inserting her photograph: the feeling is to speak with her in the first person). We also received a document related to the topic we were interested in and this further increased our positive involvement.
In the “About” section of their Facebook page, Volvo states that the page is: “A place to discover our latest stories and information about our cars. Please send us a message if there is anything we can help with. ”

The term Stories is highlighted in this statement and then underlined, it stresses availability of dialogue with potential and actual clients through the channel. The Volvo mission statement, signed by its president and CEO Håkan Samuelsson (June 2018), is also interesting: “Our vision is that by 2020 no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car.”

We present Eataly’s youtube channel for this story: in line with the company’s mission and philosophy, stories of small producers, stories of food and culture. The channel is linked to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter profiles.
Simplycris is an underwear e-shop: the online store of a small family business that produces entirely in Italy. The image we present is an example of their model of communication. For further information you can find out how the project was constructed with a click.
In Module 1 we presented the site and the story of a micro Lithuanian company that makes felt shoes: my feltboots. In the following images you will find an overview of their ways of doing social marketing using Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Piedmont Region: the profile of the Piedmontese regional authority on Twitter. News, calls, events all told in the concise and direct style of Twitter.
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