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Module 4 – Case stories


Here you can find stories of companies that tell, in practice, what we presented in Module 4. You will find the history of ShopLanghe.net a dropshipping that through a network of local producers enhances the brand “Langhe” ; the story of a small mountain liqueur producer that sells through both its e-commerce site and Amazon;

Starbucks co-creation
ShopLanghe is an example of droshipping business. When you buy on ShopLanghe.net, you buy directly from manufacturers, in a business model that supports the growth of small businesses and small local farming communities. The site offers in fact the products of companies in the Langhe area that produce small quantities following traditional methods and knowledge: products that are not easily available through the GDO (Large-scale retail trade) or through traditional distribution channels. The site, which is in Italian and English, ships to Italy, Europe and the United States.
Etsy is an example of a specialized marketplace dedicated to artistic entrepreneurship. This is the declaration of intent that presents the platform: “Etsy is the global market for original and creative products. It is home to a universe of special and extraordinary items, from original handmade products to vintage treasures. In the times of increasing automatism, our mission is to maintain human contact at the base of commerce. This is why we have created a place where creativity lives and thrives as it is nourished by people. We help our sales community to turn their ideas into successful businesses. Our platform puts us in touch with millions of buyers looking for something special and alternative, with a personal touch, for moments of life that deserve a dose of imagination. As a company, we are committed to respecting our values ​​and helping spread the ideas of sustainability and responsibility, whose effects can far exceed our work “.
The most concrete advantage of a specialized/vertical marketplace lies in its ability to become, over time, a point of reference for a particular market niche. The main advantage of working on a narrow field rather than a “fuzzy crowd” of potential customers is to be able to make all marketing activities consistent and tailored to potential customers. More profiled customers = “empathetic contents”: this is why the vertical marketplace work.
Bernard liqueurs is a company in Pomaretto: a small town in the Piedmont mountains, where the Germanasca valley and the Val Chisone meet. The company produces mountain liqueurs since 1902, is part of the Piedmont artisan excellence, sells online through its own site and recently became part of Amazon Made in Italy.
To understand what Eataly is and how it presents itself on the market, we advise you to visit the Commandments page. The link to formulate the application form for the sales platform is also published on the website. This is the declaration: “We listen to the stories of our producers, taste their products and, when we fall in love with them, we are happy to share them with our customers. At Eataly we have made our work a passion for high quality. We are so passionate that we never stop looking for new excellences. We believe that eating is an agricultural act and that the enjoyment of high quality food is rooted in the earth. If you make good, clean and fair products and you want to become part of the World of Eataly fill in the form below. “The membership conditions are not indicated.
Siteground is one of the reference points for web hosting. Customer support is among its strengths.
Velasca testimonial di Shopify. Velasca è una giovane azienda italiana di scarpe da uomo la cui mission è produrre scarpe artigianali di alta qualità e venderle a prezzi accessibili ovunque, nel mondo, attraverso i canali digitali.
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