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Case stories

In Module 3 we have selected stories related to the discussed topics to provide you with examples to explore and to work on: success stories of segmentation; stories of innovative logistics; stories of winning marketing strategies.

Among the stories you will find some examples of what we discussed in the previous pages of the Module. Find here the story of VOLVO, which over time has become a synonym of safety and an example of segmentation of the target; the history of the last mile logistics of an innovative Spanish company and that of an Italian online wine shop; the story of a small company within the Airbnb “Experiences” circuit; the history of Lego and how, after a serious market crisis, it has been able to reinvent itself by identifying new strategies; and finally the story of an American company that has transformed the concept of packaging into an effective marketing tool.

Volvo develops its cars for buyers whose primary concern is safety, positioning their vehicles as the safest on the market.

Sometimes the moments that never happen, matter the most. Introducing the New Volvo XC60. The Future of Safety.

Free deliveries for amounts over 120 euros. Possible, when confirming the order, write a greeting message that will be delivered together with the product purchased.
Here we want to introduce you to a winning marketing strategy: the one adopted by LEGO, the Danish toy manufacturer, known internationally for its line of assembling bricks. The LEGO has been able to enhance its target audience by implementing strategies to actively involve the following:


  • elaborating new ways of working with its customers-users as designers involved in the process of developing new products;
  • giving life to the LEGO Ambassador Network, a network founded in 2005 made up of LEGO fans between the ages of 19 and 65 from all over the world, in direct contact with the company, to whom the company turns for ideas and advice;
  • organizing Lego Click: a community, for which there is also an iPhone app, designed specifically for artists, creators, designers and creative enthusiasts, creating LEGO Factory, which allows users to assemble LEGO kits, with the existing pieces, and order them online.
  • LEGO ideas: the user can create a personalized online set, upload it to a platform, and if it reaches a sufficient number of votes from other users is brought to the attention of the product development specialists LEGO.


Find more: //www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/jun/04/how-lego-clicked-the-super-brand-that-reinvented-itself

KOIKI – Koiki Home S.L. (Koiki) is a Spanish company of last mile deliveries founded in Madrid in 2014. Koiki, relying on a network of social work cooperatives, employs shippers (Koiki Messengers), who come from socially excluded communities and who face difficulties to find employment on the “traditional” labour market. The service offered by Koiki is highly tailored to the needs of the end customer who can choose both the day and the time of delivery. Koiki pursues high standards of environmental sustainability as the Koiki Messengers make their deliveries on foot. Koiki retains 25% of the transaction while the social cooperatives the remaining 75%. To date Koiki has a network of +11 social cooperatives for work and has trained +115 Koiki Messengers.
Airbnb is a community that allows you to rent rooms in your home, or accommodation, to travellers; the community also has an Experiences section and a Restaurants section. In the Experiences section small local companies: farms, stables, pastry shops etc. can present themselves and their activities. What Airbnb makes available is an alternative way of promoting services and activities of small companies. In this section we present the example of a restaurant in Barcelona that offers a “wine tasting” experience.
A good example of how packaging can become a decisive tool in the shopping experience is that of Trunk Club: a Nordstrom customized shopping service. Every month the club sends a selection of trendy clothes and accessories to the subscribers. Instead of using standard boxes closed with simple adhesive tape, the Club provides its customers with boxes with personalized print and wooden-like handle, with a clear connection to their brand (trunk in English means “trunk”). Inside the box, the goods are stored with special care and accompanied by a handwritten ticket from a personal stylist, which illustrates the selected items. On YouTube you can find unboxing videos: videos made by Trunk Club members.
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