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Case stories

In this secttion we are presenting a story of a successful Lithuanian company promoting itself as a combination of a quality production, modern trend, health and national tradition. A way to be followed.

URBANFOOD is a family business that sells food products online and offline: a mix between super-food and fast-food. The target group is made up of people who have little time to prepare meals, but who at the same time want a healthy lifestyle, in particular the products are aimed at those who follow a vegan and vegetarian diet or raw food. The company ensures, in accordance with specific industry certifications, the quality of its products, and scientific collaborations and guarantees that its products contain no preservatives, colored additives, sweeteners, sugar, wheat or other chemicals. . All products on the site are based on vegetables, fruits, herbs and berries grown in Lithuania. This way the company promotes the “Lithuania” brand as a European region, in which the tradition of organic farming has been established for a long time, and as a pure and unpolluted region. The site is supported by the platform. This link leads to an English version of the platform.

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Il sito è supportato dalla piattaforma A questo link la versione in lingua inglese della piattaforma.
Rebecca Wilson started the company in 2006 when a friend came to her with an existing luggage tag and asked if she could develop a better one. From that first prototype, Rebecca’s husband, Steve remarked that he thought she could market them on the Internet and was born. Since that time Rebecca ans Steve have added an entire line of scuba and active water sports products that offer innovative personalized and custom name/ID solutions to scuba divers, surfers, and other outdoor enthusiasts

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